Roofs are expensive to maintain and more expensive to replace. If you’re considering a roof replacement, or maintaining a roof as part of ongoing operations, you should think about a roof coating.

Nearly every roofing system is “coat-able,” however; the majority of coating jobs involve metal and single–ply membrane flat roofs.

Extend the Life of Your Roof

  • Coatings applied to a roof in relatively good condition can extend the roof’s life for years. A roof coating will provide a new surface that protects the underlying membrane from sun exposure and precipitation, slowing the aging process.
  • Corrosion (metal roofs) is reduced and controlled.

Less Costly than Replacement

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Suitable for complex roof designs
  • Coating applied with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Highly reflective white coatings, which can reflect up to 95 percent of solar energy, reduce a roof’s temperature significantly. This stops heat loading or the “heat island effect” and leads to better long-term performance and lower cooling costs. Therefore, a high-quality reflective coating can quickly pay for itself.
  • Using a coating rather than replacing a roof is an environmentally responsible choice because it keeps wasted roofing material out of landfills.

When applying a roof coating, it’s important to pair the roof with the proper coating because different roofing systems require different coating types. In general, two types of coatings are available: all-purpose, which would be suitable for a range of roof types; and application-specific coatings, which are designed for one or very few roof types.

For flat roofs, there are several different types of coatings including silicone, latex, reflective and insulating ceramic. To ensure proper curing of the coating there needs to be good weather conditions and proper application, which results in a precise membrane of the highest quality.

At Southern Roofing we’ve applied numerous coatings and can give you our expert opinion regarding your roof and whether or not a coating could work for you. Call Us at (318) 295-4555 or Contact Us.



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