The color of a roof significantly impacts the overall look of the home's exterior. On average, about 40 percent of the roof is visible and when the pitch or slope of the roof is higher, even more of the roof is seen. When it's time for roof replacement, color does matter.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color

The roof color has the ability to make a real impact. Color can create a warm, welcoming feeling and it also can make a bold, dramatic statement. Some colors work perfectly with a classic Colonial style home, while others are more suited for a contemporary design or a Craftsman-influenced house. The right roof color may enhance the home's traditional look or give it a more modern and chic finish.

Climate also influences roof color choice. For homes located in regions where the average temperatures tend to be warm to hot, a light-colored roof can help keep the interior cooler when paired with proper insulation and ventilation. Homes located by sea may look great with roofing in shades to compliment the blue, grey, and cooler tones of the water, while residences in the southwest fair well with warmer tones.

Roof Color and Exterior Materials

It's essential to remember that a new roof has the potential for a good long life, usually 15 to 30 years. That's a long time to live with a color you don't love or really like. It's often recommended when choosing colors for the exterior of the home to remember which colors are permanent and which ones are not. Paint and shutter colors can always be changed, but bricks and roofing will last a decade or more.

In addition, be sure to look at the color of the different shingles under various lighting conditions. Look at the sample next to the siding or brick of your home in the early morning light, midday, and under the brightest light possible to get a good idea of how it will look.

Choosing the Right Roof Color

Trending right now are roofing colors that reflect nature. These colors tend to be earthy and include hues like rich chestnut, mahogany, burnt umber, and warm butterscotch. Cooler colors may be added, like flecks of a deep blue or green.

General color matching for roofing with brick or siding:

  • Red brick: contrast with darker grey/slate, dark brown, and even black
  • Beige brick or siding: create a dramatic yet classic look with roofing in any dark neutral like brown, grey, and cooler shades of dark green or blue
  • Brown brick or siding: reddish browns, light grey, and grey-taupe
  • Grey siding: consider multi-color shingles in reds, brown, and dark grey to create a natural slate look
  • Blue siding: black, slate, grey, light grey, and dark green

If your home has white siding or brick, the options are numerous. From bold red to classic slate, choose a roof color for your white house by considering the style of the home, it's regional location, and even how the exterior accents and landscaping may compliment or contrast to create a cohesive and attractive look.



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