In Spring 2018 there was severe hail damage across the Shreveport area due to a series of devastating thunderstorms. You may be wondering if your roof has hail damage, there are ways to determine if any damage occurred.

Simply looking up at your roof is not an option. Roofing systems must be physically inspected by a trained and experience professional. Insurance companies may send an adjuster who has specialized training in this area so that they can properly identify hail damage, and roofing companies like Southern Roofing also have the experience to discover hail damage.

Missing shingles are an obvious sign of wind damage, high winds and hail often occur simultaneously. If there are no missing shingles, you still may have hail damage.

Hail damage may dent the soft metals on your roof (flashing, vents, and exhaust caps). If you see dents in the soft metals or vinyl window covers, you may want to seek a professional assessment.

Check all areas of your roof.  The direction of the storm and the slope of your roof may result in damage on only one side.

Hail damage can be dents (bruises) in the shingles, granular loss, edge removal, or damage to the underlayment. You may need a professional to see some of these symptoms.

If you think you have hail damage, contact Southern Roofing before you begin a process with your insurance company. We have navigated these situations for years and have the expertise you need. We will provide a free roof replacement estimate and ensure you get the maximum coverage as we work with your insurance adjuster.



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