Spring is here, leaves are coming out, daffodils are springing up, and you’ll also see new "roofing" companies opening their doors to take advantage of the spring storm season. There is no doubt that springtime storms are on the way, and they’ll cause roofing damage all over the Shreveport area. Be prepared to call an experienced roofer.

As the storms come, and the roofing salesmen come out of the woodwork, remember that there are huge differences between companies, most notably insurance, experience and roofing knowledge. At Southern Roofing we are experienced, honest and reliable.  We have installed thousands of roofs, and we pride ourselves on a superior reputation and satisfied customers. That’s why we are an Elite Service Provide in Home Advisor and we have an A+ rating with the BBB.

When a roofing salesman knocks on your door, insure you question them about their roofing experience and their company background. You can ask these questions:

• How do you personally know that your company does a great job?

• How many roofs have you worked on?

• How many years has your roofers been roofing?

• How long have you been in business?

• Can I see your proof of insurance?

• Are you registered in the state?

• Do you use nail guns or do you hand-nail shingles?

• What are some roofs you have completed in the area?  Can I call your past customers?

• What shingle brand do you use?

All of these questions are vital. The new “roofing” companies often hire cheap labor that is not experienced in roofing, the shingle brand may not be very good, and the salesman may not know much about shingles and roofing suppliers. They are after a quick buck. Don’t assume all roofing companies are the same. 

Save yourself the headaches and call Southern Roofing,  your best bet in Shreveport and Bossier City. We’ll guide you through the insurance and roofing process if your home is damaged, and we’ll do it professionally with great respect for you and your most valuable asset.



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