Spring is quickly approaching and it’s time to begin thinking about home repair and maintenance. It’s a great idea to inspect your home for possible damages incurred during the winter, especially the roof.

We had a couple major storms move through the area in the winter.  You may recall that Benton Middle School had its roof blown off on January 11th. That storm impacted a wide area of Shreveport/Bossier with 70+ mile-per-hour straight line winds. A roof inspection should be on your spring to-do list.

Remember, it is unsafe for anyone to get on a roof without proper tools and training. For this reason, it’s best to leave roofing inspection and repair to local pros, like Southern Roofing. If you are trying to avoid expense by doing the inspection yourself, you should know that all roofing inspections completed by Southern Roofing are free of charge!

Annual roof maintenance can identify problem areas early, which can potentially save a lot of money in the future, because roof and water problems typically worsen over time. Water leaking into a home is a massive and expensive problem to remedy. Every problem you address quickly can extend the life of your roof.

What Occurs During a Roof Inspection?

We look for these things:

  • Broken or damaged shingles
  • Broken, damaged, or missing tiles
  • Loose seams, roofing material, or seals
  • Pooling water
  • Dented and damaged storm drains, gutters, and collars
  • Interior water damage (stains or bubbling/puckering of wallpaper and/or paint on walls or ceilings)
  • Granule loss or wear

Our certified and licensed professional will do a great job. First, they will walk around the perimeter of the home from the ground level to inspect for cracks in the brickwork/concrete, which are tell-tale signs of a roof leak.

The inspector will next check the downspouts for remnants of shingles that might have spilled out via the gutter system.

Next, our technician will mount the roof and walk around, inspecting more closely the shingles and general roof structure. If applicable, they may also check under your roof in the attic or crawlspace, as well as inside walls or ceilings for evidence of roof leaks.

All problem areas will be well-documented, and sometimes photographed, so that you can see exactly what we are seeing. After the inspection is complete and you have a thorough explanation of what we found, we will then give you our recommendations for repairs and estimated costs.

For the best protection and prevention, call Southern Roofing to schedule your spring roof inspection, and cross it off your spring to-do list. Call us at (318) 295-4555 or Contact Us.



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