In the fall, in Shreveport, we often go through periods of dry weather. In 2017 we had nearly six weeks with no rain or storms. When the rain and wind arrived, as a cold front moved through, we noticed that many streets were covered in pine needles. This probably meant that your gutters and roof were also covered.

Early Fall is great time to check your gutters, and then check them again as the leaves begin to drop. Your gutters should be inspected yearly, and Fall is a great time to do that, because of leaves and needles dropping from trees.

Additionally, if you have angles on your roof where leaves and needle accumulate, that's not good for the roof. 

Pine needles and leaves clogging your gutters can actually turn into a major problem. Here are some of the reasons why you don’t want to let leaves and needles accumulate:

- Poor performance. As your gutters become clogged, there is less chance that they will perform as expected. Subsequently, water overflow can cause damage to parts of your roof or home.
- Excess foliage can weigh down gutters, which causes the gutters to be pulled away from your home.
- Premature wear. You want your gutters to last as long as possible, but you can’t expect this to happen if leaves continue to build up over time.

Pine needles and leaves piling up in the folds of your roof can cause these issues:

- back up of water that causes leaks.
- build up of moisture that cause mold to grow.
- wood rot.

What’s the solution? Call Southern Roofing at (318) 295-4555, we'll help you clean your roof and gutters.

Here is another gutter option: install the Gutter ProTech® Self Cleaning Gutters. With this system gutters are able to perform as expected by protecting your gutters from needle and leaf build-up.



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