Fall is the perfect time for getting your roof replaced.

As we transition from the summer to the Fall, we also make a significant transition in the roofing business. The transition is from dealing with asphalt shingles that can be as hot as 170 degrees and tearing apart in our hands to dealing with asphalt shingles at their optimum install temperature. At Southern Roofing we have tried through the years to educate our customers in the value of waiting to have their home re-roofed in the Fall. Some have taken us up on waiting, while others have not.

During the summer months, shingles get extremely hot and brittle because they are an oil based product, they also get extremely soft in the heat. Therefore, walking on shingles, holding shingles, nailing shingles, lifting shingles, and every other activity involved in the roofing process decreases the lifespan of the shingle.

When fall hits, all of the problems related to heat recede. We enter a time of year where we do not do long term damage to the shingles during the installation process because they are cool and at their ideal installation temperature. If you have wisely held off having a roof installed, through the summer heat, your time is now. 

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