Yesterday, Southern Roofing completed roof repairs to a new house in one of the new and premier neighborhoods in Shreveport. The house is beautiful and expensive, but the roof was already in bad shape.

How could this be, in just a couple years? It's easy to see, when you're on the roof. The contractor hired the cheapest labor he could find to do the roofing. A properly installed roof leaves no less than six nails in each shingle. This roof had just two nails in each shingle.

This issue can be referred to as "high nailing." This leaves nails further above the optimal nail line and causes shingles to easily get raised above the roof base by strong wind.  On this house, literally half of the shingles were sliding or pulling loose from the roof. 

The take away from this story is that not everyone who claims to be a roofer is a roofer. North Louisiana is full of guys who have roofing as a business, but don't know anything about the actual art of roofing.

If you want a professional company with professional roofers, call Southern Roofing!




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